Beaverton Christian School

Beaverton Christian School, founded in 1973, is a private educational institution that offers preschool, kindergarten and grade school programs. The School offers a Christ-centered curriculum that focuses on Bible study, application and teaching traditional academics from a Christian worldview. It provides a variety of student programs, such as art and music classes, physical education and computer science. It also organizes a number of student activities, including sports events and booster clubs.

A highly personalized learning experience and a supportive community nurture students to develop a deep love for learning and a life of faith. Western students graduate with a broad knowledge base and a passion for life-long learning that propels them on their unique path to success.

Located in the Beaverton, Oregon, area, Beaverton Christian School serves children from Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12. The School has a diverse student population with a majority of students being Caucasian. Its mission is to instill a desire for life-long learning and to develop students of influence who reflect the character of Jesus Christ to those around them in their daily lives, making moral choices, and evaluate societal issues through a biblical lens. It is a member of the National Association of Christian Schools.

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